Seminar (2012 - 2013)

Date Time Venue Title Speaker Abstract Download
05/09/2012 2:30pm SHB 301 Sampling Curves with Finite Rate of Innovation PAN Hanjie
12/09/2012 2:30pm SHB 301 High Efficiency Video Coding and Loop Filter HAN Qinglong
19/09/2012 2:30pm SHB 301 Transfer Learning and Its Application in Person Reidentification LI Wei
26/09/2012 2:35pm SHB 301 Detector Adaptation in Video Surveillance: From a Transfer Learning Approach WANG Meng
03/10/2012 2:35pm SHB 301 Multiple RGBD Camera Calibration SHENG Lu
10/10/2012 2:35pm SHB 301 Adaptive Transforms for Inter-Frame Coding WANG Miaohui
17/10/2012 2:35pm SHB 301 Non-Redundant Complex Wavelet Transform with Application to Image Denoising WEI Liying
24/10/2012 10:00am SHB 222 Intelligent Surveillance System Employing Object Detection, Recognition, Segmentation, and Object-based Coding LIU Qiang
31/10/2012 2:35pm SHB 301 Introduction on Object Detection with Discriminatively Trained Part-Based Models ZENG Xingyu
07/11/2012 2:30pm SHB 301 Free-Viewpoint Video LI Songnan
14/11/2012 2:35pm SHB 301 A SURE-Based Approach to Motion Deblurring XUE Feng
21/11/2012 2:35pm SHB 301 Single-Pedestrian Detection Aided by Multi-Pedestrian Detection OUYANG Wanli
27/11/2012 4:00pm SHB 222 Basic Level Scene Understanding: Unifying Recognition and Reconstruction Mr. Jianxiong XIAO
28/11/2012 2:35pm SHB 301 Unsupervised Salience Learning for Person Re-Identification ZHAO Rui
05/12/2012 10:00am SHB 222 Perceptual Quality Assessment and Processing for Visual Signals MA Lin
05/12/2012 2:30pm SHB 222 Perceptual Coding of Digital Pictures Prof. Hong Ren WU
12/12/2012 2:30pm SHB 418 Cooperative and Geometric Learning for Path Planning of UAVs Prof. Baochang ZHANG
17/01/2013 2:15pm SHB 301 Obtaining Depth Using Defocus Cues CHEN Yibo
24/01/2013 2:15pm SHB 222 Content Adaptive Transforms for Video Coding WANG Miaohui
31/01/2013 2:00pm SHB 222 A Novel Sub-Pixel Edge Detection Algorithm: With Applications to Super-Resolution and Edge Sharpening LEE Hiu Fung
07/02/2013 2:15pm SHB 418 Object Matching and Tracking in Video Surveillance ZHAO Rui
21/02/2013 2:15pm SHB 301 A Brief Review on Single Object Tracking HUANG Zhishen
28/02/2013 2:15pm SHB 222 Person Re-Identification form a Learning Perspective LI Wei
07/03/2013 2:15pm SHB 301 Tracking in Crowd: A Brief Introduction SHAO Jing
14/03/2013 2:15pm SHB 301 Compressed Sensing and Its Application in MRI WANG Zhe
21/03/2013 2:15pm SHB 222 High Performance Coding Tools for Hybrid Video Coding HAN Qinglong
28/03/2013 2:15pm SHB 222 Image-Based Rendering and the Sampling of the Plenoptic Function Christopher GILLIAM
11/04/2013 4:30pm SHB 222 Two Approaches to Sparsity for Image Restoration PAN Hanjie
18/04/2013 2:15pm SHB 301 Stationary Crowd Analysis YI Shuai
25/04/2013 2:15pm SHB 301 Dimensionality Reduction with Generalized Linear Models CHEN Mo
09/05/2013 2:15pm SHB 301 Objective Evaluation of Image Object Segmentation Quality SHI Ran
16/05/2013 2:15pm SHB 222 Depth Video Enhancement, 3D Scene Reconstruction and Rendering Using RGBD Cameras SHENG Lu
23/05/2013 2:15pm SHB 301 Overview of Conditional Restricted Boltzmann Machine LI Wei
29/05/2013 2:30pm SHB 418 Object Detection in Visual Data: From Pattern Matching to Deep Learning OUYANG Wanli
30/05/2013 2:30pm SHB 222 Tree Filtering and Its Applications Dr. Qingxiong YANG
06/06/2013 2:15pm SHB 301 A Review on Object Detectors WANG Meng
11/06/2013 2:30pm SHB 222 Learning Based Person Re-Identification Across Camera Views LI Wei
14/06/2013 2:30pm SHB 418 Unbiased Risk Estimate Algorithms for Image Deconvolution XUE Feng
20/06/2013 2:15pm SHB 301 A Cascaded Deep Learning Architecture for Pedestrian Detection ZENG Xingyu
26/06/2013 2:15pm SHB 301 A Head Pose Tracking System Using RGB-D Camera LI Songnan
03/07/2013 2:00pm SHB 222 A Novel Sub-Pixel Edge Detection Algorithm: With Applications to Super-Resolution and Edge Sharpening LEE Hiu Fung

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