Seminar (2011 - 2012)

Date Time Venue Title Speaker Abstract Download
02/09/2011 10:00am SHB 222 Advances in Multi-View Video: Depth Reconstruction, Object Segmentation and Tracking ZHANG Qian
02/09/2011 2:30pm SHB 222 3DTV: Technical Challenges for Realistic Experiences Prof. Yo-Sung HO
07/09/2011 4:35pm SHB 301 Sparse Image Restoration Using Iterated Linear Expansion of Thresholds PAN Hanjie
14/09/2011 3:45pm SHB 301 Detection in Video Surveillance: Challenges and Advancements WANG Meng
21/09/2011 2:30pm ERB LT Robust Statistics for Signal Processing Prof. Abdelhak ZOUBIR
28/09/2011 3:30pm SHB 301 Low Rank Matrix Recovery: A Quick Sketch HE Xiaotian
12/10/2011 4:15pm SHB 301 Person Re-Identification ZHAO Rui
19/10/2011 3:30pm SHB 301 Blind Image Deconvolution: A Simple Overview XUE Feng
26/10/2011 3:30pm SHB 301 Plant Identification Using Leaf Images - A Statistic Approach ZHAO Cong
02/11/2011 3:30pm SHB 301 Introduction to Restricted Boltzmann Machine and Deep Belief Net OUYANG Wanli
10/11/2011 4:00pm ERB 1009 All Things Mobile: How Context, User Interaction, Client, Cloud Work Together for Task Completion? Dr. Shipeng LI
16/11/2011 3:30pm SHB 301 Anaglyph Image Generation by Matching Color Appearance Attributes LI Songnan
23/11/2011 3:30pm SHB 301 Human Recognition in Surveillance LIU Qiang
30/11/2011 3:30pm SHB 301 Object-Based Segmentation and View Synthesis from Wide-Baseline Images ZHANG Qian
07/12/2011 3:30pm SHB 301 The Study of High Efficiency Video Coding XU Long
14/12/2011 3:30pm SHB 301 Survey on Image Retargeting Methods MA Lin
20/12/2011 9:30am SHB 222 Noise Reduction of Image and Video Signals ZHANG Renqi
04/01/2012 4:00pm SHB 301 Brain-Computer Interface (BCI): Is It Strictly Necessary to Use Random Sequences in Visual Spellers? FONG Cheuk Man
18/01/2012 2:15pm SHB 301 The Study of Deartifacting Loop Filter in Video Compression HAN Qinglong
08/02/2012 2:30pm ERB 1009 Salient Object Detection and Segmentation Prof. Zhi LIU
15/02/2012 2:15pm SHB 301 Edge Basis Function with Application to Super-Resolution LEE Hiu Fung
29/02/2012 2:15pm SHB 301 An Introduction to Distance Metric Learning Algorithms and Application to Computer Vision LI Wei
07/03/2012 2:15pm SHB 418 Sparse Image Restoration PAN Hanjie
21/03/2012 3:30pm ERB 1009 Transferring a Generic Pedestrian Detector Towards Specific Scenes WANG Meng
11/04/2012 2:15pm SHB 301 An Introduction to KINECT and Depth Video Enhancement SHENG Lu
18/04/2012 2:15pm SHB 301 Directional Transform Coding for Intra-Frame Coding WANG Miaohui
23/04/2012 10:00am SHB 222 Full-Reference Objective Visual Quality Assessment for Images and Videos LI Songnan
23/04/2012 2:30pm SHB 222 New Attempts for Evaluating Perceptual Quality for Image and Speech : A Machine-Learning Approach Prof. Weisi LIN
27/04/2012 11:00am SHB 222 Diffusion Tensor MRI Predictors of Cognitive Impairment in Confluent White Matter Lesion HE Xiaotian
02/05/2012 2:15pm SHB 301 Consistent Visual Quality Control in Real-Time Video Communication XU Long
09/05/2012 2:15pm SHB 301 A New Non-Redundant Complex Wavelet Transform WEI Liying
16/05/2012 2:15pm SHB 301 Adaptive Boosting Algorithm in Face Detection ZENG Xingyu
06/06/2012 2:15pm SHB 301 Two Perspectives for Person Re-Identification ZHAO Rui
13/06/2012 2:15pm SHB 418 Active Shapes for Image Segmentation Prof. Chandra Sekhar SEELAMANTULA
20/06/2012 2:15pm SHB 301 SURE-Based Approach to Parametric Blind Deconvolution - Gaussian Blur Estimation XUE Feng
27/06/2012 2:15pm SHB 301 Pedestrian Detection with a Discriminative Part-Based Deep Model OUYANG Wanli
28/06/2012 2:30pm SHB 222 Transferring a Generic Pedestrian Detector Towards Specific Scenes WANG Meng
04/07/2012 2:15pm SHB 301 A Fast Sub-Pixel Edge Detector LEE Hiu Fung
11/07/2012 2:15pm SHB 301 Phonological Mismatch Components in Auditory BCI Spellers FONG Cheuk Man

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