Seminar (2010 - 2011)

Date Time Venue Title Speaker Abstract Download
08/09/2010 2:15pm SHB 301 SURE-LET Approach to Image Deconvolution: Basic Idea XUE Feng
15/09/2010 2:15pm SHB 301 High Performance Deartifacting Filters for Video Compression ZHANG Renqi
06/10/2010 2:15pm ERB 404 Technology Roadmap of ASTRI Prof. Tak Shing Peter YUM
13/10/2010 2:15pm SHB 301 The Orthogonal Haar Transform and Its Application in Full Search Equivalent Pattern Matching OUYANG Wanli
26/10/2010 2:15pm SHB 301 Batch Registration of Facial Images ZHAO Cong
03/11/2010 2:15pm SHB 301 Review of Biomedical Tomography and Its Reconstruction MA Ka Lim
08/11/2010 10:00am SHB 222 Next Generation Video Technology - 3D Video Prof. Kwanghoon SOHN
08/11/2010 2:00pm SHB 222 Feature-Based Object Rendering from Sparse Views CUI Chunhui
10/11/2010 2:30pm SHB 833 The Computational Approach to Lossy Compression and Its Applications to Image/Video Coding Prof. En-hui YANG
17/11/2010 2:15pm SHB 301 LLM Integer Cosine Transform FONG Chi Keung
24/11/2010 2:15pm SHB 301 A Novel Video Quality Metric LI Songnan
01/12/2010 2:15pm SHB 301 Multi-frame based Bilateral Motion Estimation for Frame Interpolation CHAN Lai Chi
08/12/2010 2:15pm SHB 301 Object Segmentation from Sparse Views of Wide-Baseline Images ZHANG Qian
15/12/2010 2:15pm SHB 301 Fiber Tractography by Fiber-to-DTI Registration LI Chao
21/12/2010 2:00pm SHB 222 Deconvolution of Fluorescence Microscopy Images XUE Feng
05/01/2011 2:30pm SHB 222 Tomographic Reconstruction and Denoising MA Ka Lim
07/01/2011 9:30am SHB 418 Fast Pattern Matching and Its Applications OUYANG Wanli
12/01/2011 2:15pm SHB 301 Object-Based H.264 Video Coding LIU Qiang
21/01/2011 10:30am SHB 418 Perceptual Quality Assessment and Its Application on Video Processing MA Lin
26/01/2011 2:15pm SHB 301 Sampling Signals with Finite Rate of Innovation PAN Hanjie
16/02/2011 2:30pm SHB 222 Arbitrary Block-Size Transform Video Coding FONG Chi Keung
23/02/2011 2:15pm SHB 301 Biosensing Prof. Pun To Douglas YUNG
02/03/2011 2:15pm SHB 1021 Human Activity Detection for Intelligent Video Surveillance Prof. Ming-Ting SUN
09/03/2011 2:15pm SHB 301 Nanostructured Optoelectronics: New Device Concepts for Solar Energy Application Prof. Ni ZHAO
16/03/2011 2:15pm SHB 301 Automatic Adaptation of a Generic Pedestrian Detector to a Specific Traffic Scene WANG Meng
23/03/2011 2:15pm SHB 301 An Introduction to FTV and Its Standardisation in MPEG CUI Chunhui
30/03/2011 2:15pm SHB 301 An Introduction to Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance Imaging Research HE Xiaotian
06/04/2011 2:15pm SHB 301 Vehicle Counting from Semantic Regions ZHAO Rui
13/04/2011 2:15pm SHB 301 SURE-LET Approach to Image Deconvolution XUE Feng
20/04/2011 2:15pm SHB 301 Improved Non-Local Kuan's Filtering Using a Gaussian Scale Mixture ZHANG Renqi
27/04/2011 2:15pm SHB 301 An Overview for Object Detection OUYANG Wanli
04/05/2011 2:15pm SHB 301 Joint Face Alignment with a Generic Deformable Face Model ZHAO Cong
11/05/2011 2:15pm SHB 301 A Review of Transform Coding in HEVC FONG Chi Keung
01/06/2011 2:15pm SHB 301 An Introduction to Stereovision, 3D TV, and Anaglyph Image LI Songnan
08/06/2011 2:15pm SHB 301 Dense Stereo Estimation from Narrow-Baseline Videos ZHANG Qian
15/06/2011 2:15pm SHB 301 Face Recognition - Review LIU Qiang
22/06/2011 2:15pm SHB 301 Perceptual Image Compression via Adaptive Block-Based Super-Resolution Directed Down-Sampling MA Lin

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