Seminar (2013 - 2014)

Date Time Venue Title Speaker Abstract Download
12/09/2013 2:15pm SHB 222 Temporal Diffeomorphic Motion Estimation from Echocardiography and Its Application in Strain Analysis of Left and Right Ventricles Dr. Zhijun ZHANG
19/09/2013 2:15pm SHB 301 Perceptual High Efficiency Video Coding ZENG Huanqiang
26/09/2013 2:15pm SHB 301 Tracking the Crowds ZHU Feng
03/10/2013 2:30pm SHB 301 Shanghai Crowd Database: Large-Scale Crowd Understanding with Realistic Surveillance Video ZHANG Cong
10/10/2013 2:15pm SHB 301 Optimal Fitting for Analysis of Scalp Electroencephalogram (EEG) FONG Cheuk Man
17/10/2013 2:15pm SHB 301 An Introduction to Object Segmentation Quality Assessment Dataset SHI Ran
24/10/2013 2:15pm SHB 301 Determining Motion Directly from Normal Flows Upon the Use of a Spherical Eye Platform HUI Tak Wai
29/10/2013 2:00pm SHB 222 Non-Gaussian Modelling and Sparse Image Processing Prof. Alin ACHIM
31/10/2013 2:15pm SHB 222 Scene Text Extraction, Recognition, and the Application for Assisting Blind Persons Prof. Yingli TIAN
07/11/2013 2:15pm SHB 301 Realtime Cloth Color Changing HUANG Zhishen
14/11/2013 2:15pm SHB 301 Joint Deep Learning for Pedestrian Detection OUYANG Wanli
21/11/2013 2:15pm SHB 301 Scene-Specific Deep Learning for Pedestrian Detection ZENG Xingyu
28/11/2013 2:30pm SHB 301 An Introduction to Rate Control Based on the R-Lambda Model for HEVC WANG Miaohui
05/12/2013 2:15pm SHB 301 MRF Denoising with Compressed Sensing and Adaptive Filtering WANG Zhe
12/12/2013 2:15pm SHB 301 Scene-Independent Group Profiling in Crowd SHAO Jing
19/12/2013 2:30pm SHB 222 Selectable Factor Construction in High Dimensions Prof. Yiyuan SHE
09/01/2014 3:30pm SHB 301 Learning Mid-level Filters for Person Re-Identification ZHAO Rui
16/01/2014 3:30pm SHB 301 Transform and Loop Filter in New Generation Video Coding Standard HAN Qinglong
23/01/2014 3:30pm SHB 222 Language and the Brain Prof. William WANG

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